ʻOhana Kukahiko in Makena

Many Native Hawaiians are being forced to sell their ‘Āina Kūpuna (ancestral lands) due to outrageous property taxes that continue to increase due to real estate speculation and resort development.

“As the land value around us increases, so do our property taxes.” – Keiki Chang Kawaiʻaeʻa

Families like the Chang-Luʻuwai-Kukahikos have had to devise unique strategies just to raise enough money to pay those taxes, and are in endless battles with county tax assessors whose objectives are to
get as much money out of the land as possible.

In some cases, their ʻohana’s kūpuna are even buried on their lands.

Maui Councilmember Keani Rawlins-Fernandez, OHA and Native Hawaiian community advocates are working together to draft legislation to help ease the tax burden for families that are at risk of losing their generational lands.